For four years, we treated our 2011 website as the living document it was: adding new blog posts and landing pages, refreshing the portfolio with new pieces, and tinkering with design and functionality. Even so, there comes a point when a new website is needed.

The Hollister Creative new website displayed on different screens

At Hollister Creative, we had two compelling reasons to replace our website this year:

  • Significant change in web technology. When we created our previous website four years ago, “mobile-friendly” was not in our — or Google’s — vocabulary. Due to the rapid rise in web browsing on smart phones and tablets over the past three years, a mobile-friendly website has become a must.
  • Important change in company strategy. In 2011, our focus was on project work, so our website was primarily a portfolio of design and writing for websites, branding, publications, marketing collateral and educational outreach materials. In 2015, our focus is on integrated marketing solutions for business owners and marketing directors.

We invite you to visit our new website and judge its merits for yourself. Here we will share just a couple of observations from our recent website replacement experience.

When we started designing responsive websites two years ago, we at first were frustrated by the restrictions inherent in creating a website for display on a tiny smart phone screen. But we have come to realize that mobile-first design is doing us all a favor by forcing both writers and designers to make very clear choices about the hierarchy of information.

Creating a new website presents challenges and opportunities in equal measure. It is a milestone at which to assess where the business is now and where it is going. It is a blank slate upon which to tell the world what you have to offer, and say it better than you ever have before. The challenges can be daunting, but the opportunities are exciting!

If you are approaching the point when your website will need to be replaced, let’s have a conversation about the challenges and opportunities for your business.

Challenges and Solutions are mini case studies that include tips you may find helpful if you are facing a similar challenge. If you are facing a marketing challenge, call 484.829.0021 or email Kim Landry.

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