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The key is to put the interests of readers first

We help clients write, edit, design and publish newsletters as print publications, ebooks or email newsletters.

Here is an example of how Hollister Creative helped Innovative Print & Media Group to create and publish its client newsletter.

Innovative Print & Media Group helps other companies promote products and services by providing them with a single resource for commercial and digital printing, direct mail, fulfillment, promotional products, and new media. But company leaders decided that Innovative should be doing more to promote itself.

Innovative’s leaders reviewed multiple options and chose to start with an email newsletter for clients. The project began with development of a solid content strategy that put the interests of readers first. That strategy, combined with “innovative” design and sales-oriented functionality, made the company’s newsletter fit Innovative’s goals while adding value for clients.

The most important decisions were:

  • Custom, not customized. Most companies are well served by having a designer with HTML skills customize an existing email newsletter template to match their branding. This represents a good balance of design quality and modest price. Innovative wanted a 100% custom design that would truly stand out. It cost more because it required more sophisticated programming, but for Innovative it was worth the one-time investment to create an exceptional product.
  • Appetizers, not entrées. If all of your newsletter items are brief, you can include the entire text and photos in the body of the email. Innovative’s content strategy called for some longer articles that would tell interesting stories. Placing those in the email body would have made the newsletter seem text-heavy and difficult to browse. So the email instead provides an appetizer portion of the article and a link to the entrée, which resides on a hidden web page.
  • Friend, not stranger. People are most likely to open an email when they know the sender. For many people in business, it is enough to know that the sender is a company they know and trust. But Innovative’s leaders chose to go a step further in friendliness. They divided their email list so that each client received the newsletter from the Innovative salesperson responsible for maintaining that client relationship. In addition, an“Email your sales rep” prompt generates an email to the appropriate salesperson.

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